Monsoon Morning

Submitted by Vincent Duncan
"This cocktail makes me think of growing up in Wa:k village on the San Xavier Reservation during monsoon mornings. Going to my grandparents in the morning smelling the fresh coffee mixing with the desert rain was a beautiful combination of fragrances that I worked to recreate."



Using an 8 oz Irish Coffee Mug, start brewing your coffee ( Use whatever coffee you love. I used a Medium Light Roast Ethiopian coffee.  I prefer an immersion style brew, such as a French press, as it has a bit more texture than a pour over). While coffee is brewing, add Chamomile Honey Syrup and Whiskey Del Bac Classic to the Irish Coffee Mug. Add coffee to mug once brewed. Float Creosote Orange Cream on top. Garnish with a spring of creosote that will give off its fragrance as you drink it!

* Chamomile Honey Syrup- Brew 1 cup of Chamomile tea. Place in a pot on a stovetop and add 1 cup of honey. Turn on to medium heat and whisk until fully combined. Let cool and bottle.* Creosote Orange Cream- Zest half an orange and add 4-5 small sprigs of creosote. Place in a measuring cup and add ½ cup of Heavy Cream. I used a Milk Frother to bulk up the cream. You can add it all to a mason jar or any jar with a lid then shake vigorously to froth up the cream.