A bottle of Whiskey Del Bac's Normandie whiskey. A limited, small batch whiskey release.

whiskey del bac NORMANDIE

Normandie is an annual limited release. Normandie is Whiskey Del Bac’s Classic American Single Malt Whiskey, aged in charred, new American white oak barrels, then finished an additional 13 months in Calvados brandy barrels. The American Single Malt is named after the coastal region of Normandie (the French spelling), France, which is known for its creamy cheeses, rich seafood, and an abundance of apples and pears. This small batch whiskey release has 900 bottles nationwide. Each has an ABV of 47.5% and is 95 proof.

Tasting Notes:
On the nose, you may find caramel-dipped apples, sour cherry, and dulce de leche. On the palate, you may taste bright citrus, peppery notes across the mid-palate, and it finishes with short-but-sweet caramel and stone fruit. The recommended serving for Normandie American single malt is with one large ice cube.

95 PROOF / 47.5% ABV
750 ML