With each sip of Sentinel, we invite you to slow down and savor the spirit of the Southwest. Now more than ever, the Sonoran desert is in need of sentinels. Together, let’s keep watch over this place that we love.


"What if we added a Southwest twist on rye?" That question kept popping up at the distillery. We finally decided to try it. As a small team, we couldn't take time away from producing our handcrafted American single malts to make our own rye so we sourced from Indiana and added our own twist as we finished it. We were pleasantly surprised with what we tasted. Never stop asking, "what if?" You don't know what you may discover.

A bottle of Sentinel straight rye whiskey.

Our profound love of the desert led us to create a rye whiskey steeped in the traditions of the Desert Southwest.

For Sentinel, we start with a sweet, bold blend of three-year-old and two-year-old 95% rye-5% malt straight rye whiskies from Indiana. Finished in freshly harvested mesquited Whiskey Del Bac casks, it's then filtered across a bed of Mesquite charcoal from our mesquited malting process, inspired by traditional American whiskey production methods. Add a hot, Sonoran summer.

The result: A striking straight rye with the bold flavors of a traditional 95% rye, smoothed by the soft roundness of a hint of mesquite. Sentinel is befitting of America's oldest whiskey style while imbuing the essence of the desert.

46% ABV | 92 PROOF
750 ML


Sentinel is a limited release only available in Arizona. Here are the restaurants and stores that have ordered it.


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