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Our bottling crews are a fun way to partake in the whiskey making process! We generally bottle a couple times a month on weekdays. The whiskey tells us when it's ready so there is no predictable schedule that we can follow, as it is purely based off of maturation and taste. On bottling days we have two crews – a morning crew and an afternoon crew.

Each shift works approximately 4 hours. During your shift you’ll be working with our distillers and other staff members; filling bottles, corking, sealing, labeling, boxing and helping us on quality control – making sure every bottle that leaves the distillery is packaged at the highest standard. At the the end of your shift you’ll take home a bottle of whiskey that you bottled yourself.

A few things to consider: 
*Please DO NOT sign-up if you have had a recent surgery or if you any chronic injuries or any injuries at all
*Must be able to lift 25 lbs
*Must be able to stand for 4-5 hours
*Please wear closed-toed shoes

We want everyone to have the chance to join a bottling crew, but we have to make things fair. We have a growing list of volunteers that you can join by signing up below and when we’re ready to bottle, names will be randomly drawn from the list. If you’re one of the lucky to be drawn, you will receive an email and the first people to respond will make that crew. If you’re drawn, but can’t get back to us fast enough, don’t worry, your name will go back on the list! 

Please do not call or email us about upcoming dates for bottling. If you are selected for a crew you must show up on-time for your shift. If you fail to report for your shift once you’ve been confirmed, you will no longer be eligible for future crews.

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